YIANNIS PAPATZANIS (GR) is a musician, rhythm teacher and composer. He has worked for many years with musicians from Rajasthan, Iran, Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey, Armenia, Andalusia and Azerbaijan, especially with Ross Daly, George Xylouris, Vassilis Stavrakakis, Psarantonis, Zacharias Spyridakis, Dimitrios Sgouros, Achilleas Persidis and Haig Yazdjian/ He has composed original music for theatre, cinema, dance theatre, documentaries and television productions. Many years of experience in the conception, planning and implementation of rhythm seminars. Teaching collective rhythm & percussion throughout Greece and abroad (Cyprus, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Sweden & Italy)/ He is the reinventor of the Cretan Daouli and continues to develop the drumming techniques of the Aegean percussion instruments. He also explores further possibilities for the use of the African Udu (sound drum), and the Persian Tombak/ Co-founder of the TERRACOTTA project in collaboration with Andreas Paragioudakis and Yiannis Polychronakis