The way the three musicians create the musical atmosphere is unique. Through their deep communication, they invite the audience to a musical journey into the presence of the broader East-Mediterranean space. The simple compositional forms open up space for the development of sound worlds that touch the listener's senses. They create images that are directly connected to Cretan nature. The compositions seem like signposts in a world of memories and sensations of the three musicians

The delicate lines of the double bass combined with the particularly sensitive and at the same time dynamic interplay of Stamna (cretan variation of the African Dudu / clay drum) and piano create a Mediterranean chamber music aesthetic that incorporates elements and timbres from tradition, jazz, rock and classical music, without limiting themselves to any of these genres. At the same time, the versatility of all three musicians results in a variety of arrangements that explore previously unknown territories. 



Album CD "DAPHNE" now released

The debut Album of the TERRACOTTA PROJECT (Rhineland Records) is currently released! It was recorded at the MAD HAT STUDIO in Heraklion, Crete, with Nikos Trialonis (Recording) & Nikos Vogiatzakis (Mixing/Mastering) and will be presented in the end of May 2023 with a CD-presentation Tour in Austria 

Artwork: Lucie Schaeren
Layout: Brigitte Knöpfel

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